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The school offers a curriculum and assessment pattern prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.

Skilled Instructors

We responsible for helping them learn and develop skills like doing day-to-day tasks.

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We make combination of video recordings and live lectures with course reading.


We give Project every month for the students to keep learn new thinks.

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libraries help students to get authentic and more information.

About Us


THE CREED INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is an English medium co-educational recognised Senior Secondary Schoolunder the edges of The Creed Educational & Social Welfare Trust.

Built on a sprawling campus, the school offers a pollution free environment far away from the maddening crowd of the city life.


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The Creed International School founded in 2020 and managed by the members of the Creed Educational and Social Welfare Trust.

 The school aims at developing the students in totality, to make him/her a perfect creation of God. Top priority is given to character building on sound moral principles. A sense of responsibility and true development of mind and character should characterize boys and girls leaving the school. They should show this by being actively concerned about national development in the true spirit of freedom, equality, justice and peace. They should feel proud of the Institution and must have a distinguished character. To attain the aims and objectives, the sisters, together with the whole team of staff, work towards the following:


• To make the boys and girls spiritually strong, psychologically mature and mentally rich/healthy.

• To help them to have right values in life and cultivate in them strong principles.

• To help to bring out the innate and hidden talents in them.

• To make them academically qualified to face the challenging competitions in life.

• To make them understand true freedom, respecting the freedom of others and help to become responsible citizens who will be future catalysts for social changes.


All students are taught the essentials of religion, which are acceptable to people of all faiths. Efforts are made continually to develop and draw out values in the lives of all students. The school has the extension work in various fields such as Vocational Training Programme, Formal and Non-Formal Education, health care and upliftment of women through saving scheme. In all these, the poor, oppressed and socially less-privileged are given priority. The school has co-education from Nursery up to 10th classes. The medium of instruction is English.

The school aims at nurturing individuals with paramount values and multivalent competencies. This lofty and complex task is accomplished by virtue of a dynamic curriculum that envisions not only academic excellence but aesthetic refinements, effective skills and the art of living. An innovative, contemporary and skill-based education that meets global standards is the hallmark of the school. A comprehensive education system coupled with a passion for sincerity, dedication and excellence drives us towards creating global leaders who will take on the mantle of tomorrow.
The THE CREED INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Group envisages a complete world of education metamorphosing young minds towards excellence.

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The school offers a curriculum and assessment pattern prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.